Tips to protect car paint

Published: 05th June 2009
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When we buy a car, its color is one of the most important factor influencing your decision. It not only geive your car a tempor but also reflects your personality. But after spending sometime on the road, the only thing it starts reflecting about you is your neglect! Worn out, oxidised paint, doesn't only looks shabby but also reduces the value of your car. There are some easy ways that wont consume much of your valuable time and would keep your car looking great.

Protection from envoironmental factors
One cannot fight nature when it comes todamage your vehicle's paint with rain, dirt, sun, snow or salt. But certainly one needs to learn how to return back the lost luster of your loved auto. For example to protect the car from UV sun rays, you can use you have to use protective coatings and sealants.

Nothing works better than simple old-fashioned washes.

UV rays would take years to corrode the paint. But bird-droppings would only take some days to destroy the paint finish, as they have very high acid levels. Its better to clean them as soon as possible. Another thing the vehicles are always exposed to is the chemical abuse of the air pollutants. This type of damage can also simply be coped up with frequent washes. Often the first rain of the season is highly acidic. So it's a good idea to wash your car, immediately after the downppour.

Professional wash is expensive, but totally worth it.

They simply have better system than the "hose and bucket" method. They have better, specialized cleaners. They clean the car exterior without touching it with anything other than soap or water. Nothing works better for paint, than a non-touch mechanism.

Never air-dry the car. Never leave the washed car under sun or even in shade to air dry. When you leave your car to dry by itself, you are asking for trouble. It will leave water marks which are almost impossible to clean without a professional wash. Make sure the car is dried with a 100% soft cotton towel.

Keep these basic car care tips in mind, the life of your vehicle's appearance is extended and it keeps representing your true personality.Thomas owns a blog with funny pictures and movies updated on daily basis. Take a look and have fun. Visit Tips to protect car paint.

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