Top 10 Things To Do In Bear Lake Utah

Published: 05th July 2009
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If you are planning a trip to Bear Lake, Utah, no matter what the season may be, you won't have to worry about finding something for your or your family to do.

Bear Lake is not only a beautiful rural, historical and recreational paradise shared by Idaho and Utah, it is also one of the largest natural lakes in the Western United States. Some call it the "Caribbean of the Rockies" due to its intense turquoise blue water. With 45 miles of paved road surrounding the lake, there is tons of pubic beach access and activities for all.

So what are the top ten things one should consider doing while at Bear Lake? Here are some suggestions:

1. Snow Skiing - The skier in you will love Bear Lake Utah. With two wonderful ski resorts to choose from, Beaver Mountain Ski Resort in nearby Logan Canyon and Pine Creek Ski Resort outside of Cokeville, Wyoming - you won't run out of places to go and enjoy the snow at. Beaver Mountain is one of Utah's best-kept secrets. There are over 664 acres here to be skied upon. Beaver Mountain Ski Resort also boasts that it is one of the best-maintained slopes around. It has a northeast exposure in the morning for bright and sunny conditions and very little wind, which makes Beaver Mountain one of the all-around Utah ski resorts. But don't forget about Pine Creek Ski Resort either. This resort has over 1450 vertical feet, 30 runs with great powder and differing in degrees of difficulty, high-speed quad lift, and the shortest lines for miles.

2. Snowmobiling - With thousands of acres of fresh, untouched powder to play on in breathtakingly scenic mountain country, snowmobiling opportunities abound. There are snowmobile rental companies who will not only provide you with your machine but also a guide. The trails around Bear Lake are known mostly to be untouched which allows you to explore without the crowds while being surrounded by pure beauty.

3. Fishing - Whether you travel in the winter for ice fishing or the summer for some great trout fishing, Bear Lake is the place to be. Anglers love Bear Lake due to the fact it has four species of fish that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, with the Bonneville Cisco being the most well known.

For ice fishing, Bear Lake can become ice covered, which makes jigging for trout and whitefish a favorite activity for those who will brave the cold outdoors to fish. The Montpelier Reservoir is also a close place to go ice fishing. Located only minutes east of Montpelier, Idaho, active rainbow trout are the main attraction.

4. Swimming -The beaches of Bear Lake provides a whole lot of fun for everyone in the family. When visiting the lake in the summer, be sure to bring a sun umbrella, a picnic lunch and a beach ball.

5.Boating- Because Bear Lake straddles the Utah / Idaho state boundary line, there is over 160 square miles of turquoise-blue water. The lake is so large; many feel they have it all to themselves. With such a large lake comes a draw to its water sports. There are seven boat ramps located around the lake, which makes launching your boat a breeze. Bear Lake also has 305 boat slips and a 5-lane boat ramp. If you just want to tour the lake, there are guided pontoon boat tours conducted from the Bear Lake Marina.

6. Water-Skiing - How about water-skiing. Water-skiing is a favorite sport as the lake is so large and folks don't have to worry about large wakes from other boats pushing them over.

7. Jet Skiing - If you want to explore the lake without taking out a large boat, you can enjoy the fun of a jet ski. Jet skis and wave runners are popular water fun on the lake and can be rented at locations in Garden City, Utah and Paris, Idaho.

8. Camping and Picnicking - Around Bear Lake, there are over 800 camping and picnic facilities. Some of these picnic areas are private, others are owned by the Bear Lake State Parks of Idaho and Utah, and the Cache and Caribou National Forests. Over 500 of these campgrounds around Bear Lake offer full hook-up sites and tent sites (many also have electricity, water and even showers). In addition, there are over 300 additional campsites located in the many scenic canyons that empty into the Bear Lake valley. Picnic areas are found almost everywhere you look.

9. Hiking - Walks around the lake to full hikes in the woods is enjoyable at Bear Lake due to the moderate temperatures. Fall months are the most scenic with the brightly colored leaves and the tranquility of the lake.

10. Hunting - Hunting in the Bear Lake valley was enjoyed by early pioneers as it is by the modern hunter. With the Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer and the unique Shiras Moose, hunters come from miles around to enjoy Bear Lakes offerings.

While these ideas are just the top ten, there are also many other enjoyable things to do at Bear Lake, depending on your preferences and budget.Plan your next vacation surrounded by mountains. The perfect location for family reunions, corporate retreats, or any other gatherings whether they are large or small. For premier bear lake vacations that offer lakefront lodging in Bear Lake Utah-Idaho visit

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