Unblock Websites at School with Web Proxies

Published: 19th March 2009
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A blocked website at school may only be accessed by unblocking it through a Web proxy. However, you must first acquire a proxy server. You have the options to avail of a professional proxy provider subscription or avail of a free Web proxy. Free Web proxies may be found through Internet search engines.

Some system administrators often block proxy sites. However, there are always new proxies showing on the Internet. This only means that you will always have proxies to utilize.

After acquiring a free Web proxy, you can key in the URL or the Uniform Resource Locator of the blocked website you want to Access easily. Just place the URL into the proxy's address bar then click on the "Go" button.

After the above steps are done, a new page will be opened. It comes with two frames. The proxy site's address bar is shown on the top frame. If you want to access a different website, you simply have to key in the URL in the address bar again.

The blocked website is shown at the bottom frame. You should find a way around the filtered or blocked site using the Web proxy effectively, except when the website administrator has already blocked or filtered the Web proxy you are using.

Since some network administrators are capable of blocking some common redirection services and Web proxies, you can simply find another Web proxy and try bypassing it. It is also acceptable to search for uncommon Web proxies.

For different reasons, schools usually attempt to filter or block the students' access to some popular websites. This is simply a way of managing the resources. You should also consult your parent or guardian so as to ensure that the sites you want to visit do not have illegal features and contents.Neil Blake also writes on topics such as Proxies, School Proxy
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