Unusual Ways to Promote Your Business With Promotional Products

Published: 22nd March 2010
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Many promotional products are quite similar and widely used in various industries. If you want your product to be noticed above your competitors then you will need to think of creative ways to use promotional products in your marketing campaigns. Here are a few ways in which you can promote your business in unusual ways using various promotional products:

Why use Promotional Products at Trade Shows and Expos?
Brochures are great. They can explain your product and business in creatively compiled ways. The problem is that at a trade show just about everyone is handing out brochures. After the show, most likely your brochure will end up filed away among a pile of other collected handouts or even worse get tossed in the garbage. A promotional product on the other hand is more likely to be kept. And while it may not communicate as much about your product or company as a brochure would, it is still a very effective way of getting your company name out there. Let's look at a few products that work well for trade shows and expos.

Ideas for Industry Trade Shows
At industry trade shows, everyone is constantly swapping business cards. You can use a branded business card holder to give away to suppliers and clients. These range in style from funky and colorful to stylish, metallic types. Your branding should be clearly visible and usually contains your logo, slogan and brief contact details which include a website address or phone number. An effective and more unusual way of branding is to have your logo on the outside of the case and your company name and contact details on the inside of the case. In that way, you get maximum exposure for your company and your client or supplier has your details on-hand should they need to refer anyone on to you. You could also choose a type of card holder that has two separate compartments-one for cards that are collected and one for cards that the person gives out. This will also give you a greater area to display your branding.

General Public Expos
For public expos, you can really get creative; there are loads of promotional gimmicks to help you get your company noticed. Think of the product that you're promoting and your main marketing message. What benefits will your product offer to clients? Then look for a way to tie that benefit into your promotional product. Linking them means that whenever clients see or use your promotional item, they will associate it with the benefits of your product. For example, if you have a business that sells security cameras and systems for homes, you could use as a promotional product such as a pen or keychain that has a small revolving eyeball on it. The slogan could read, "Don't worry; we have our eye on it 24/7."

In-Store Promotions
You can have a lot of fun with in-store promotions. In addition to giving away product samples, you can use promotional items to communicate a specific marketing message. If, for example, you are promoting a new shampoo or conditioner, you could use a compact comb that attaches to the bottle as your promotional item. The idea is that customers can comb the conditioner through their hair using your comb when they are using the product. As the comb attaches to the bottle, they don't have to worry about looking for a comb when they are in the shower as it will be right there. You can brand the comb with your logo and a catchy slogan such as, "Silky Smooth Conditioner-caring for your hair." Similarly, you could provide a compact fold-up brush and mirror as the promotional item with the shampoo. Ladies will be able to keep the brush and mirror in their handbags and able to groom themselves when out and about.

Using Promotional Items for Home Products and Consumables
One thing that is characteristic of most households is the busy schedule that most families juggle. There are school activities, sports and additional activities, and many parents work full-time. What if you were to use a promotional product that will help families manage their time? A simple fridge magnet that has a monthly calendar and space for a list of things to do will be a welcome addition in any kitchen. You can use this promotional item for just about any home product, ranging from yogurt to breakfast cereal. Place your logo and branding in the frame and use pictures of your product as the background.AdLeap.com is your online promotions specialists. Their skilled experts have endless resources that can assist you with the promotional products for your next event. Visit online today.

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