Ventrilo - How To Use Ventrilo For Dummies

Published: 15th July 2009
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Ventrilo is a VoIP program that is widely used by multi player video gamers who use a headset or microphone to communicate with each other. It is similar to a conference call over the telephone. The Ventrilo client is released as freeware for Windows and Mac operating systems. Ventrilo is comprised of two main components a Client and a Server. Each individual will need to download the Client but only one person needs to host the Server that the other Clients will connect to.

Ventrilo, a product of Flagship Industries, is known for superior sound quality and minimal use of computer resources. This is important during online gaming because Ventrilo doesn't slow the computer response down. Gamers also like Ventrilo because it gives them an advantage when competing by allowing them to keep their hands on the mouse while playing. For those who take their gaming seriously the communication that Ventrilo allows gives them a competitive edge.

Although Ventrilo is most popular with gamers, it is also used for general voice chat and as a call-in method on radio shows. Ventrilo is easy to use with a simple user interface that anyone can easily learn because the most frequently used features are immediately visible and are activated with a single mouse click.

Ventrilo's surround sound positioning and special sound effects the program offers provide each user with the option to fully customize how they want to hear sounds from other users or events. Users can configure the channel they using with many options including TTS messages. TTS or Text to Speech messages have separated phonetic spelling.

To use the Ventrilo client you will need to create a user account to log in to any Ventrilo server. At the Setup User window click in the "New" button. After this you need to connect to a Ventrilo server. You will need to know the hostname or IP address of the server and the port number. If a password is needed, you will need this also. If you don't have a server you can rent it from any of the licensed hosting companies on the Ventrilo website. The price will vary depending on the number of users and the length of time you will be connected.

When you use Ventrilo for the first time check out your microphone to make sure that you are not creating static which can be very annoying. Open the sound recorder and record something and then play it back to see if there is static. If there is, make sure the microphone isn't too close to the speakers and the volume on the microphone isn't turned up too high.

Now that you are set up find a chat room that uses Ventrilo to get the hang of using it. There are many chat rooms available that are set up with Ventrilo. The only thing you usually need to do is register and the service is free while you are using the site's server. Once you try Ventrilo you will wonder how you ever did without it.Learn about ventrilo hosting or rent a vent server at

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