Ways to impress a girl within seconds

Published: 06th February 2009
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Who would not want to have a date with a gorgeous lady? Every man has dreamt of and fantasized about it. However, the attention of a strikingly lovely woman may not be too easy to get. Moreover, you will not be the only guy around who are dying to be noticed by her. The question is what should you do in order to impress her within seconds? How can you be on the lead from those guys whose target may be the same as yours? Here are some of the things that you should ponder:


Every man should know that posture plays a critical part in impressing a girl. It definitely strengthen your character as a man. Below are 3 tips on how you can have that posture that will make her focus on you:

1.Hold your head up. It will make you look poised. Avoid looking down as that will make you look timid.

2.Stand like a tiger. Act out that typical stomach in chest out body position. This poise characterizes vigor and endurance. Ladies are normally impressed with such posture.

3.Relax your hands and avoid keeping them inside your pocket. That will ruin your posture.

4.Do not be nervous. Nervousness is a sign of lack of confidence. If you are not confident, you won't come up with the right posture.

Eye Contact

The eye is the most transparent part of your body. Even without doing any motion, you will be able to express yourself with just the way you look at a girl. Moreover, you can use eye contact to seduce that gorgeous lady. It's in the way that your eyes deliver the message.

Dressing Up Properly

No, you do not have to look like a celebrity. You can be yourself but make sure that you dress up sensibly in order to catch her attention. Avoid wearing something that will make you appear ridiculous.


A man with a sweet smile appears charming to ladies; therefore, get rid of that serious face and charm that beauty with your killer smile. Come on! Smiling is not that hard to do.

Doing these things will make you sack scores. You'll stand ahead of the other guys. Once you know that you reached the first base, you can approach that woman with whom you got attracted with and start a conversation with her.KC runs a popular portal that contains dating tips. He is also the creator of top free CSS Templates site for webmasters templates resources. Visit Ways to impress a woman within seconds.

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