Weddings - Direction Cards, Menu Cards and Save the Date Cards

Published: 04th May 2010
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Selecting the various items for your wedding will include numerous choices on the type, texture, color, and complexity of any number of announcements and other printed items. Among these are, of course, your invitations but in addition, you may want to consider including direction cards, save the date cards, and menu cards in your wedding package.

Direction cards added to your invitation mailing can make your life and the lives of your wedding guests much simpler. Including direction cards with your invitation lets your guests know that you really want them to be able to easily find your ceremony and reception, and that it's important to you that they are able to celebrate this special occasion with you.

The more remote the location of your wedding or reception, the more essential the direction cards become in your wedding package. If you've decided to have your wedding in a location with which most of your guests are not familiar, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find your events.

Direction cards become increasingly more important if you have a number of out-of-town guests attending. For instance, if your future bride or groom's family and friends are flying in for the wedding from some other state or country, you will want to make their trip as easy and comfortable as possible for them. Including direction cards for your wedding ceremony and reception party is one simple way you can achieve this.

Menu cards can be mailed to guests in advance along with your invitation, allowing you to present your guests with a selection of dinner menu items to be served at your reception. These cards can be combined with your RSVP request and used to determine not only who will be attending but also the number of each entree item needed to serve your guests at your reception dinner.

Knowing your guests' dinner selections in advance can allow you to better plan your reception dinner. It can save you money in the long run, letting you serve only the meals that are selected, rather than trying to prepare a dinner for the unforeseen, always fearful there will not be enough of a particular selection to go around.

In addition to making things simpler, menu cards give your guests an added feeling of personal importance, by acknowledging that you respect their choices and would like to meet their desires as best you can. The serving of a previously ordered and reserved meal to each individual guest at your reception dinner adds a flare of class and sophistication to the event as well.

Save the date cards are sent out in advance of wedding invitation mailings, to allow your guests as much time as possible to make arrangements to attend your special events. These announcements are very important for inclusion in your wedding package in a number of cases.

If you plan to have your wedding fall near or around any holiday, you should consider using save the date cards so your guests can include your wedding in their holiday or travel plans for the season. Respecting your guests' schedules and other commitments enough to provide them with advance notice of your wedding accomplishes multiple things. It ensures they are able to be with you to celebrate on your special day and it also gives your guests a feeling of personal importance to you. You are recognizing that it may be difficult for them to arrange their schedules accordingly but you really do want them to be able to celebrate with you on your wedding day.

Save the date cards are even more important to consider if you're planning a destination wedding, or if your family and friends or those of your future spouse will be traveling from far away in order to attend. Giving out-of-town guests advance notice of your wedding date will make it possible for them to best arrange their travel plans, increasing your chances of having all your loved ones present on your big day. It also, again, acknowledges to your guests that they are important to you, and tells them that you really want them to be able to be with you, even though it means they will have to make travel plans and other special arrangements in order to be present.

If your wedding falls near a popular travel holiday or during a special time of year in an area that has a significant public event going on, you'll want to include save the date cards in your wedding package so your guests can make their travel arrangements far in advance and simplify their travel routes. If lots of other people will be traveling around that time, booking flights or avoiding crowded highways with long delays may be difficult if enough advance notice isn't provided. Finding hotel accommodations in the area can also be difficult if a particularly large public event is taking place at the same time and in the same basic spot as your wedding. You wouldn't want your guests to miss your wedding because all the hotels are already booked by football fans, for instance.

The use of direction cards, menu cards, and save the date cards may at first seem silly or excessive but when you get right down to it, they only help to simplify the events of what is bound to be a very busy day. Every little thing that you can do to make your wedding day special and to help the day run smoothly will only help you to create a more beautiful and lasting memory of your wedding events.Looking for something truly unique? Visit Wedding Invitation and check out our collections of unique wedding invitations that are sure to make a statement. Be sure to browse our entire collection line of unique wedding, party and bridal shower invitations for your special occasion.

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