What Are the New Features in Peachtree Accounting 2010?

Published: 22nd February 2010
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The Sage company brain trust has wisely continued improving Peachtree's Accounting software since it took over the company several years ago. The program has retained its strong basic functions while features not typically found in SMB (Small to Medium-sized Business) accounting packages have been truly integrated, not "slapped on with virtual duct tape." The company has a range of offerings from the entry-level Peachtree Pro and Complete Accounting, and mid-range Peachtree Premium Accounting, designed for SMBs that need customized options and reporting, to its advanced Peachtree Quantum Accounting, for companies requiring 10 users and increased data capacity.

There are also industry-tailored editions of Peachtree Accounting available, serving the varying needs of retail businesses, manufacturers, accounting firms, nonprofits, construction companies and other firms. This means Peachtree Accounting is more than just "a great product" - it's a strong, varied and evolving product line that gets better with every new release and every customized edition. Released in December 2009, Peachtree Accounting 2010 boasts a big list of new features, but even with its daunting name - Peachtree by Sage Premium Accounting - it costs under $500 for the single-user version. Considering it is "an accounting department in code," with everything most every business will ever need, it is still an amazing bargain.

New reports and management control

There are now 140 standard reports, fully customizable, in Peachtree Premium Accounting. The reports can be generated from each individual "navigation center" as well as from the central reporting area, where you can see the list of report options in the other modules. With alphabetical listings and descriptions to the right, you get an efficient view of your options, and easily. You can even generate consolidated reports covering divisions, affiliates and other co-owned firms. In a final touch of thoroughness and compatibility, report data can be saved in Microsoft Word or Excel formats or as a PDF file. For greater flexibility and timesavings, you can even e-mail statements, reports and invoices right from the print dialog box.

Accounting and security functions

Peachtree Accounting Premium version's capabilities are vast, beginning with the basic GL, Payroll, AP and AR modules, and continuing with an expanded Inventory functionality that can define inventory items for assembly and mange as many as 10 pricing tiers. With the Customer and Sales function you can track time and expense documents, integrate them with employee payroll data and simplify the former drudge work of tracking and reimbursing expenses - with an "always on," full-time audit trail, too. A revamped Banking module enables you to pay bills over the Internet with simple, direct reconciliation functions. Meanwhile, all your data is protected by enhanced security measure, including improved and expanded password control and "temporary passwords" that expire on a certain date.

Help and support

Novice users now get help from a Setup Guide to set up new customers, vendors, jobs, employees, inventory and charts of accounts. The brand new Peachtree Accounting Resource Center gives users numerous services, products, white papers, training materials and marketing tools you can use in your business on a daily basis. With two tiers of product support, you can choose the level of e-mail and phone support that is right for your firm, your employees and yourself. Thirty days of free product support begin upon registration for all new users.

Importing, exporting and integrating

It is easier than ever to integrate Peachtree Accounting with the Microsoft Office suite programs - Word, Excel, Outlook - and the program imports directly from QuickBooks. In addition, Peachtree Accounting integrates seamlessly with such add-on products as Time - Billing, Online Bill Paying, Credit Card Services and an ACT Link. The company also offers users a range of useful third-party programs that integrate with the entire line of Peachtree Accounting products.

Summary: Easy to use and potent

Even with all the various new, improved and refurbished features, the Peachtree Accounting applications retain their ease of navigation and clean, clear user interface. A "wizard" approach lets you choose from 100 templates when creating a new company and selecting a chart of accounts, while Peachtree Accounting Navigation Centers make everything easy to find and simple to implement. These Navigation centers, which put Business Status, Vendors - Purchases, Customers - Sales and other primary functions right at your fingertips, just to the left of the application's main screen.

Peachtree Accounting's flexibility and customizability are two of its strongest, most compelling selling points. From the simple, basic Peachtree First Accounting to the potent, "programmable" Peachtree Quantum Accounting, every business owner from storefront sole proprietors to corporate treasurers can find the right solution with a Peachtree Accounting product. Priced to be affordable to even the smallest business, it is not just "software," but a full-fledged accounting solution that will do everything you expect of it, and more.Home Security equipment and Peachtree software are only the beginning of what we have to offer at Gemini Computers. Visit online to find the POS System, Point Of Sale Software or ELO Touch Screen that's right for your business.

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