What Exactly Girl Wants on First Date

Published: 17th February 2009
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The first date basically act as the start of everything between you and the girl you are dating. It can be the start of a more stable relationship or a possible heartbreaking experience. If you have gone head over heels with the woman that you are taking out, you would not want it to be the first and the last date that you will have with her.

What should you do to make your first date memorable and at the same time, have a chance to invite a second date? Read more...

Stop Worrying

Avoid becoming negative and shake off any pessimistic thought in your mind. Being worried would not help you anyway. Just relax and enjoy each moment with the person you are with.

Lower Your Expectation

Always remember that this is just one of your first date. You are just trying to get to know each other and seeing if you can make a match; therefore, do not push yourself too hard as you know that the last thing you want is to let her feels that you are too pushy.

Be Natural

You do not have to show an image which is not you; lest, you might just impress her using someone else's identity --- a character that you just created. Be your real self. That way, you will be able to give her that chance to see you for what you are.

Don't Be Too Serious

If you are too stern, you will be uninteresting to be with. Avoid showcasing that serious face or you will put her off. If you have that capability to make her laugh, that will be good but do not overdo it. If you do not have much sense of humor, at least put on a smiling face so that she will be comfortable with you.

Prevent Interview Questions

Remember, this is a date and not a job interview; so as much as possible, prevent asking things that may have been written on her CV. Eventually, you will get to know more things about her; so there is no need to hurry.

Be Presentable

Do the proper good grooming practices before going out to a date. Be clean and try to look as presentable as you can. A bad-groomed man is a big turn-off for ladies.

Do Not Spend What You Cannot Afford to Pay

Making your first date great does not have to rely on the sum that you are spending. You do not have to spend too much on it, especially when you know that you cannot afford it. As long as the two of you are enjoying, it is going to be something pleasurable and memorable. Whether you spent less on it or not will not be a big deal at all.The author recommends cook your hot date a cool meal on practical resources for creating best dates. The author also runs a good dating tips portal to share useful dating information. Visit What Exactly women Wants on First Date.

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