What Exactly Is A Rhinestone Cowboy?

Published: 20th January 2009
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The song, Rhinestone Cowboy has become a crossover classic hit for country singer, Glenn Campbell. However, many people have wondered - just what a Rhinestone Cowboy is. The idea that the song is about a cowboy who might have a great affection for a'bedazzler and continually affixes the jewels to their hat, boots, and clothing has undoubtedly crossed many minds, but that isn't the case. The song is not about a cowboy who dons sparkly clothes, or likes to wear rhinestone jewelry but rather has a more profound meaning.

The lyrics to Rhinestone Cowboy are pretty straight forward and explain the meaning behind the song. It is based upon the struggle and dream that a musician faces in their search for fame. The lyrics talk about the singer walking the streets and hustling his way to make a break. But when he reaches his dream, he'll shine like a Rhinestone Cowboy. The song was a big hit for Glenn Campbell, even though others had previously recorded it with little success.

Originally written by Larry Weiss, he recorded it on his album titled, Black and Blue Suite. Neil Diamond also recorded the song but neither Weiss nor Diamond experienced any notable commercial success with their recordings. It wasn't until Glenn Campbell was approached to cover the song that it found commercial success. Glenn's version was released in 1975 and the song continues to be a classic with both country and pop fans.

It might be the visual appeal of the idea of a cowboy covered in rhinestones that has lent appeal to the song, but many find that the true meaning behind the song has made it a classic. That is to follow your dreams no matter what struggles or obstacles you face until you see your dream realized and shine like a Rhinestone Cowboy.Wanna shine like a Rhinestone cowboy? Get rhinestones at http://www.crystals2love.com

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