Why Black Football Shirts Outsell Other Colours

Published: 16th July 2009
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Every football team in the world has at least a home and away kit with many of the top teams often also having a 3rd kit for playing in the Champions League and other competitions like that. The home shirts have to remain pretty much the same every year with just a twist on the design but with the away shirts and 3rd shirts kit designers can often experiment a little more with both designs and colours. This experimenting has brought us some horrifically designed football shirts over the years but it has also brought us some classics.

A top football blog has carried out research in conjunction with a top football shirt retailer to find out what the most popular colour for football shirts are, other than the home kits, and the research has shown that black football shirts are the most popular with white kits being the least popular.

The biggest selling away and 3rd shirts over the last few years have been the 07-08 Liverpool 3rd, the 07-08 Man Utd away and the 08-09 Valencia away. All of these shirts have been black and would seem to indicate the popularity of black football shirts over the colours used in other years. Obviously the results are skewed to a certain extent as these are all big clubs so sell a lot of shirts but year on year the black shirt designs sell better than any other year for these clubs which would seem to indicate a preference for this colour.

Brightly coloured shirts are also very popular with the 07-08 Chelsea away in luminous yellow and the 06-07 Barcelona away in luminous orange being too such example that sold very well in comparison to other years.

Football fans are more likely to buy an away shirt or a 3rd shirt if it is something a bit different or distinctive which is why the sales seem to increase when the colours are bright and distinctive. Most supporters will only buy the home shirt with something else needed to attract them to the other two.

Bright colours also seem to attract shirt buyers just for the colour and design and not necessarily association with the club as a lot of people like to have a distinctive shirts especially for playing football.

There is no clear indication as to why white shirts are the least popular, but the assumption is that they are perceived as being boring and dull and don't stand you out from the crowd. There is no doubt that they are much less distinctive than the luminous colours especially.

As we start to see the latest batch of football shirts getting released there are quite a few of the top teams all releasing black away and third shirts for the upcoming season. Both Liverpool and Manchester United are again releasing black away kits this year as are Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Valencia to name but a few. It looks like teams have started to notice that black is a very popular colour at the moment and have decided to take advantage of it.

It will be interesting come the end of the season to see what football shirts have sold the most with at least a couple of the teams mentioned above certain to be there or there abouts but with the likes of Barcelona releasing an interesting mango coloured football shirt the battle is on to see if the black football shirts will come top once more or if the weird and wonderful bright colours will come top this time around.For more information on the latest football kits for next season, visit myfootballkits. We provide the latest news on all the new football shirts including the latest designs, release dates and special offers. We provide exclusive discounts to over 3000 soccer jerseys as well as regular competitions, including kit designs competitions, where you can win free football shirts and soccer merchandise. . Visit Why Black Football Shirts Outsell Other Colours.

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