Why the T-Shirt is Still the Best in Advertising

Published: 23rd April 2010
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Advertising has many venues but the promotional t-shirt is still a cornerstone, and provides the most advantages of all promotion clothing and personal apparel items available. With forethought, planning, and quality design, a promotional t-shirt can provide any business with a positive marketing niche.

The first step in your t-shirt marketing plans should be to determine your budget, but the second most important questions is to consider how long your t-shirt will be used by your business. Is this particular t-shirt design one that will be used in the short term, as with the promotion of a particular event, or can you use this design intermittently over a longer period of time, perhaps as a reward incentive for employees or as a giveaway item at hiring or recruitment events?

Many businesses make the mistake of selecting cheaper versions of t-shirts because their budgets are tight; however, a better quality t-shirt actually promotes a more positive image of your business on the market, as the quality is easily discernible by the viewer. You don't want to promote your business as subpar quality or show yourself as a stingy employer.

If you are designing t-shirts as giveaway items or employee incentive gifts, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that people love receiving gifts but don't underestimate how easily people can be disappointed by a gift that doesn't suit their standards of quality or attractiveness. If people are disappointed with the gift, then you've missed your mark on two counts; you haven't appropriately rewarded the receiver and you haven't guaranteed that your message will be seen by others. If the receiver doesn't like the t-shirt, how likely are they to wear it, making your message publically seen?

Choosing pleasing and popular color schemes and styles will help you ensure your message gets out there. If the t-shirt design is appealing to the masses, then more individuals are likely to wear the item. Selecting quality materials promotes a positive image, and selecting more vibrant colors promotes a hopeful, confidence-inspiring and more positive reaction from those who see your logo and message on a promotional t-shirt.

Your design choices should take into consideration the blending of colors and the appropriate choices in color schemes to make your entire design appealing to viewers and wearers. It should also ensure that your logo and message stand out from the rest of the design. Selecting t-shirts with background or base colors that contrast with the logo and message will ensure your brand image is easily seen and comprehended by those who see it.

Promotional t-shirts can be a great way to get your brand image out there at a public event. If your employees are all dressed in branded clothing, not only do you promote a unified and collaborative business image at any event, or even in your daily business activities on your production floor, but you also make it more simple for visitors or event-goers to recognize your employees, your products, and ultimately your marketing brand.

Giveaway t-shirts allow your message to travel beyond your workplace or any particular public event. Provided you've succeeded in your design stage, your promotional t-shirts are guaranteed to carry your logo and your message beyond the confines of your business walls or the gates at any particular event or gathering. If people like your design, then they'll wear your t-shirt, and not just to work or to the event at which you've participated but to the corner market, their kid's baseball game, or while out for a walk in the evening. The more appealing the design and style of the t-shirt, the more likely you are to get your brand out there for public consumption.

Many businesses and promoters have made the mistake of choosing one general design and size of t-shirt which might seem more cost effective in the short-term but in the long-run, it could undermine your promotional efforts. The more successful t-shirt promoters have learned over the years that targeting a demographic can be more difficult than it immediately appears. Many good quality and well designed t-shirts have been put out there but some of these still inevitably end up folded in a drawer or worse yet, hanging on a rack at a thrift shop.

Diversifying your t-shirt design choices will help you prevent this from being the case with your promotional clothing. Selecting and producing multiple designs will help you give your wearers choices, increasing the chances that your items will actually be worn. Having multiple designs available also gives you the ability to determine which are the most popular, simply by measuring which are the most preferred and selected versions of your designs.

Another important idea to keep in mind is having multiple fits available. Not everyone likes a t-shirt to fit a particular way. Not only should you have multiple sizes of each design available but you should also consider having multiple cuts available. As an example, men's t-shirts may not be the most appealing design for women to wear. Women may want a more flattering cut for instance, and if you have that available, then you are more likely to have your message get out to the public.Visit Able Promotional.com for promotional product items appropriate for corporate business gifts which will help convey a favorable reflection of how much you value associated business people. You can show your appreciation with our rich collection of premium promotional items, corporate gifts and promotional business gifts.

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