Why Would Anyone Buy a Novelty Helmet?

Published: 08th October 2009
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There's a huge controversy out there between motorcycle riders about novelty helmets and D.O.T (U.S. Department of Transportation) approved helmets. As any rider knows, D.O.T approved helmets are the safest to wear when riding a motorcycle and, in states with helmet laws, they're the only approved helmets. So why would anyone buy a novelty helmet? A few reasons:

1. Less Bulky

Regular riding helmets can be quite heavy, weighing down on the neck and straining muscles. Some motorcycle riders wear novelty helmets because they're lighter; many weigh as little as two to three pounds. As well, when using regular riding helmets many riders feel the wind catches the helmet and pulls at their head, further straining neck muscles.

2. The Mushroom Look

Full helmets create that "mushroom" look and a lot of riders just don't approve. Who wants to look like a mushroom on wheels? Many novelty helmets are snug and don't bulge out like standard helmets. This is a huge consideration for most.

3. More Comfortable in the Summer

Another concern for motorcycle riders is the heat. Summer being one of the best times to get on the bike and go cruising, no one wants a full helmet that feels smoldering hot. For some, full helmets make the ride hard to enjoy. Novelty helmets with reduced padding provide the rider's head room to breathe and a fashionable look to compliment their bike.

4. Safety Concerns

Believe it or not, some who have researched D.O.T. approved helmets would rather wear novelty helmets. Some novelty helmets are made of carbon fiber and Kevlar, and those riders feel safer with these materials rather than an approved helmet.

5. Nostalgia

What rider doesn't love the feeling of freedom that riding a motorcycle gives them? No doors, no surrounding metal - just you, the bike, and the road. Full face helmets take away the joy, wind, and bugs that are supposed to come with good hard ride. With novelty helmets, riders can get something that allows them to breathe comfortably and enjoy the nostalgia of the ride.

6. Looking Cool

Okay, so some standard mushroom helmets have designs on them. However, novelty helmets have a wide variety of graphics available. Daytona novelty helmets, for instance, have flaming skulls, iron crosses, pink flames, butterflies, and more, it just depends what you're looking for!

7. Decoration

Do you like spikes? Decorate your motorcycle's bay with a Kaiser German helmet and 3" spike! Novelty helmets don't have to be worn to be cool. Many use novelty helmets purely for decorative reasons. For that matter, some riders have even built an entire display wall to show off novelty helmets that fit their style.

8. For the Streets

Some riders where novelty helmets on the streets and switch to D.O.T. approved for the highway. In this case, it's all about having options.

9. As Costumes

Whether you're a rider or an enthusiast, novelty helmets make great costume helmets. With the many styles and options available, you're sure to find one that would go great with your next costume!

10. Individuality

Some riders just want to be unique. They want to stand out from the "crowd". A grinning red skull, 3" spike, pink German, German leather or polo helmet will definitely do it.

Safety is first, but there are still places that a novelty helmet is the best choice for the ride. Whether you're wearing it as part of your unique style, for comfort during a leisurely ride, they're unique, stylish headgear. If you're buying for decorative purposes, you're sure to find some awesome styles. Novelty helmets are cool but at the end of the day "Ride Hard and Save the Melon!"Savin Scalp Helmets is your one stop shop for motorcycle helmets of all shapes and sizes. We provide a wide selection of affordable novelty, half or full face, and motorcross helmets. Our brands include Voss, Caliber, Daytona, Hawk, Outlaw, Bell, and Rhodia. Visit online today for more information.

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